Averaging thousands of images into one


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Of course, obligatory boingboing average cover post from earlier this year: http://boingboing.net/2014/05/09/boing-boing-zine-the-average.html

If anyone wants to get me high-resolution scans of the covers I’d be happy to make a high resolution version for everyone. :slight_smile:

Thanks patdavid. All of us love that so much.

the more interesting application is to average images into their clusters. the video is worth watching; it shows some rudimentary progress toward this, though it seems that they nudged it by hand for the more impressive examples.

And obligatory mention of the averaged Playboy centerfolds and Vogue covers.

Don’t forget all the Sport Illustrated swimsuit editions:

Or my personal favorite, all of the U.S. Presidential portraits:

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I made a video on youtube in which I took a photo and ran the ‘crystallize’ filter on it, producing many random frames, each unrecognizable. Then I averaged them together and it approximated the original fairly well. Amusingly, the video enraged viewers because I started out with a perfectly good photo and ended up with a degraded version of it so what was the point??? :smile:

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So this is the Platonic Ideal of the Cat - and therefore, the internet itself.

All the cats you see on the internet are merely shadows on the wall of the cave…

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