Avid reader wins his own bookstore in a raffle


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They can give those things away?

I mean, I read all the time but 97% is on a pad.

People use pads in Wales, right?


It sounds like a great career change, but I’m sure that I’d last about a day before running into the realities of having to run a shop- stock control, accounting, serving customers and so on:


I’m sure the lucky winner is very excited to now be responsible for the business’s liabilities.

Personally, I would prefer to vet the person who is to take over my legacy, to ensure that it continues in good hands. But just pulling a name out of a hat certainly is fun, although a little risky.


Wait… if he spent 20 pounds on books… and then he won the store… can he get a refund? Woujld it come from the old owner or from himself? What if he sold himself all the books… it’s like inception!


Second prize - two bookshops.


I’ve worked in other people’s book shops and had my own small place for awhile. I wish him all the best.


Or as a bookseller friend once told me:

“Want to make a lot of money selling books?
Start with a lot more money.”


“Owning a bookstore is a great way to retire and lose even more money reading books every day.”


My wife and I can spend $26 each in a used bookstore just by looking its direction.

The creative side of my brain is considering the possibility that this is really a cursed bookstore, and it has to be willingly taken over by someone else to pass along the curse.

If you can’t rid yourself of the store before you die of old age, you become a book on one of the shelves. A book with bent corners on the pages, a cracked spine, and a torn cover.

If that happens, the next person to enter the store is enslaved by the curse.

Morris made it out.


$26 in a used book store? Amateurs… :wink:


Right? We dare not actually go in unless all of our bills have been paid for the month.


Bills before books? Amateurs! :wink:




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