Win a free copy of David Graeber's 'Bullshit Jobs'

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Look me up for the second addition, I have some working experiences to add to it.


Not-USAians: even though they will helpfully suck in your international address, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO WIN. They just get to harvest your data for no reason.


Teaching junior college was a bullshit job. Playing into the delusional fantasy in which those students all thought they could become doctors… it felt awful.

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Does “writing books with premises based on wide and inaccurate generalizations deliberately designed to antagonize huge portions of the population in order to sell more books” count as a bulltshit job?


I have intimate knowledge of bullshit jobs, don’t think i need a free copy.


Oh snap!!!

One could argue that, since the day we stopped Hunting and Gathering, every job has been a bullshit job.

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Hey, someone needs to decide who hunts, who gathers

Without additional comment, here’s a passage from Graeber’s earlier book Debt:

Apple Computers is a famous example: it was founded by (mostly Republican) computer engineers who broke from IBM in Silicon Valley in the 1980s, forming little democratic circles of twenty to forty people with their laptops in each other’s garages…

…wow. Wrong inside a wrong inside a wrong…it’s just wrongs all the way down.

Disclosure: Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. There will be three (3) books given away in total. ARV $27.

You’re welcome in advance. Essentially, you’re just joining a giant Simon & Schuster mailing list. I mean, that might not be bad, publishers gotta sell books to survive. But no reason to not know what you’re signing up for ahead of time.

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