Award-winning security research reveals a host of never-seen, currently unblockable web-tracking techniques

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Seems like blocking JavaScript would stop some of these…


Surprise! This Badger reported to me that this BB post had 25 trackers. Now, add to that X number of the never-seen, currently unblockable tracking techniques and, by my reckoning, you get:

25 + X = it’s a race to the fucking bottom so give up now and press the power button

Blocking your internet connection would stop the rest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The modern web without javascript isn’t, and thanks to cdns and the like selectively blocking is a pain. not like the good ol days of yore…

Yes, you can turn off javascript and cookies. That would indeed stop most of these attacks. But it would be like surfing the web in 1992.

I have some very fond memories of surfing the web in 1992.

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That’s why I opt to break it entirely first, and selectively unblock.

(I do tend to be a bit of a masochist in some regards.)


rubs hands together gleefully


Oooh! Fun!

Edit: this isn’t actually the ascii version. That only shows the main page. Bummer. But the lynx browser version is still fun, so leaving it up.


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