Turning on the internet after GDPR day

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I remember that amazing feeling of relief after discovering the magic of ad blocking software.
The modern internet is really bad, you know?


All your privacy is protected… by being collected at every street corner with a camera, every cell tower with a location scooper, every tollboth, every public transit station, every web view, every purchase,…

And the morons think a GDPR is going to help who, exactly?

PS I loved that movie.

“Give me the zock?”



I’m seeing multiple reports like this about multiple websites. The amazing amount of cruft that websites have built up turns out to be all worthless bullshit. Who knew?


It is truly really amazing, bordering the absurd. Some very salient examples are being taken the piss out in this talk:



And what the GDPR exceptions are showing - 5 megs down to 500k, 27 scripts down to 2, etc. - that the fat, in many cases, is purely down to various tracking scripts. Which casts a bit of a sinister light on that article.


My plan is if it turns out EU people are visiting a website and the website is only built to serve domestic US customers (and I just happen to be responsible for it), just blocking all the countries in the EU is what I would do.

I know. One company I worked for had 5 redundant tracking/analytics “pixels” on it, because each stakeholder had a different preferred tool and none could agree. Oh yeah, and we weren’t allowed to lazy load because then a visitor might not get counted. So one bottleneck in a tracking script could screw up page rendering.

I left that company.

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Not even the best ad blockers have a result nearly as clean and pure as the GDPR cleansed site:


Yeah, that’ll show those Eurotrash!

But seriously, any " website…only built to serve domestic US customers" is not in any way subject to GDPR.

Yeah, ad blockers are limited. That’s why I’ve always considered them secondary to script blockers like NoScript and uMatrix (which recently took over for NoScript in my toolbox when NS wasn’t quite ready for the new FireFox plugin model).

Nice post, BB. Here’s what Privacy Badger had to say about it:

Privacy Badger detected 38 potential trackers on this page.

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