Awe-inspiring timelapse of galaxies sparkling in the skies

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That’s undeniably pretty, but I’ll be that guy and point out that:
a) There’s only one galaxy visible (our own) in this video, not multiple galaxies;
b) Tenerife, not “Teneriffe”;
c) As the YouTube page for the video explains, “Locations: La Palma (Spain), Tenerife (Spain), Grimsel Pass (Switzerland), Emosson (Switzerland), Jura (France)”


a. You can clearly see Andromeda in the footage
c. I’ll give you this one


Our world is pretty amazing when the noise and tumult die down long enough to let you notice.

a. No, I don’t believe you can. At what point in the video do you think you see Andromeda? (I’ve been a coauthor on several papers studying the Andromeda Galaxy, so I have a pretty good idea what it looks like.)

b. Have you actually looked at that page? The island where some of the footage was taken is “Tenerife” (as the YouTube page correctly spells it), which is not to be confused with places named “Teneriffe” (a suburb in Brisbane, a couple of mountains in Australia and North America, etc.), even if the latter are probably named after the Spanish island.

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I play a lot of elite dangerous and it really makes these things noticeable. Not an astronomer by any means, but when your second job (which elite likes to become) is in a pretty accurate simulation of the galaxy, stuff like andromeda and triangulum and the lmc and smc stick out.

Beautiful footage for sure. Could almost inspire me to buy a 4K TV.

I also think using “galaxies” in the video title is slightly misleading. Even if technically a few galaxies might be visible in those images it might lead people to think that this stunning swath of stars and cloudlike formations are part of other galaxies. Which conceals the true enormity of the universe. When you realize you’re only seeing a small fraction of the stars in our own galaxy, and that there are as many galaxies out there as there are stars in our own, and each of those galaxies has their own mind boggling number of stars, you tend to reel a little. At least I do.

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