Milky Way over Devils Tower



Close Encounters was terrifying and captivating as a lad, it was my first “adult” movie.

Great shot, maybe the best I have seen in this genre. Thanks for posting.


It’s such an awesomely visceral experience to orient ones self to the universe by noting that the thickest and brightest part of the Milky Way is the center of our galaxy–and then using the observable planets to visually establish the plane of our solar system to the plane of our home galaxy, and then use the phases of the moon, Venus, or Mercury to point to where the Sun (and the center of our solar system) is relative to yourself and the Earth. You can then sense the vast corkscrew motion we are making through space. And then spot the Andromeda galaxy about 10 or so degrees off of the Cassiopeia constellation. That tiny oblong fuzz ball is the largest object viewable to the human eye. What a visceral sensation of vastness!


That should be the spiel for Google Sky.

sweet exorcist: testone
1990 video by jarvis cocker

It’s “Play the pipe tones,” not “the five tones.”

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