The Milky Way from Anza Borrego desert, a sky-stabilized timelapse

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Happy the Earth’s rotation is imperceptible to us (because hellafreaky) but, there are times when it might be nice to see it just a reminder of our place here in the cosmos.


FAke News: the text shows that the image is digitally altered by the liberal media to make it appear that the earth is not the center of the universe. It says in the bible that the sun rises… not that the earth rolls! Wake up!

Hollywood… take note: In sci-fi films, not all planets must appear in a north-south orientation like an Earth globe.

Saw and bookmarked this a week or two ago (from a digg post I think). Such a simple POV change that completely re-orients something we’ve seen thousands of times and conveys a massive sense of scale using the exact same pixels - just composited slightly differently. Beautiful.


It’s actually the constant sunset/sunrise that gets me…more than the milky way shot.

Questions from a non-astronomer:

I really don’t get how this stabilization works. Given that the camera must be on the earth’s surface, and all the perspective issues that comes w/ that position, how does the camera defy the curvature of the earth and its rotation??

This footage must have been taken at sunrise sometime in the spring months, correct?

I dunno either, but I can imagine two different ways to achieve the effect:

  1. The camera is static, and captures a much larger field of view than is desired. The timelapse images are then cropped afterwards to create the sky-stabilized effect.

  2. The camera is mounted on a robotic tracking mount that slowly pans and rotates to keep a specific part of the sky at the centre of the image.

They both rotate.

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Go-Pro strapped to an owl trained to look at a particular star. Simple.



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