The Ancients (a photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


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Nice photo. The one after it in the slide presentation made me think of the Green Man suit of Charlie Kelly, in It’s Always Sunny.

When I was young and naive I would have taken comfort in looking at that picture and thinking, there are two things that will last forever. Now I find a strange pleasure in knowing both will eventually disappear.

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They’re half buried for modesty. “Rumpled Radicchio of Ruefulness”.

The center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, crowns the ancient statues of Easter Island

The standard marker to gaze towards the center is the constellation Sagittarius, so I’m trying to connect the dots, and it looks almost like it but not quite, but then it’s the Southern Hemisphere so it should be upside down. Scorpio would help, but I just can’t see Antares in the frame, and what is that huge blue star to the left on Xeni’s photo?

This is actually just the start of the central Milky Way, if you will, with Sagittarius a bit above the picture. Here is a rough version with some of the highlights labeled:

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they are half buried, but for modesty?

the OP pic is fantastic.

I was hoping somebody’d post that pic. Thanks!

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