Awesome new image of Saturn


So I showed this to a student and pointed out Earth. He wants to know why the side of Earth facing the probe is lit up if the sun is in a position behind Saturn (and relatively behind Earth). I don’t have a good answer. Suggestions?

Because the Earth is probably heading towards the other side of the sun – i.e. the sun is not behind the earth (edit).

Another edit: here are the positions of the planets on 19 Jul 13

If the probe is right behind Saturn, then the Earth and Venus should have almost their full disc illuminated somewhat obliquely and Mars is more or less fully facing the probe from the back side of the sun.
Here is a close up of the inner planets: (the probe would be in the bottom left corner)

Planet position images from:
Solar System Live


Love Our Space, Totally!



Cool sounds interesting.

Ring this.



Waitaminute: Rung.


anyone here know why the rings look like they’re refracting when they are in front of the planet?

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