The true color of Saturn's north pole is a stunning blue

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Dunja Djudjic:
It comes as a result of scattering sunlight, and it’s the same phenomenon responsible for the blue sky we see on Earth.

FWIW, one of my professors is an atmospheric physicist specializing in gas giant atmospheres. I’ve asked him about this and he’s holding off on commenting until he gets more data, but if he does is anyone interested in the answer?


The photos of Saturn’s hexagonal storms definitely re-invigorated my interest in beautiful space stuff after the glow of the last mars rover landing wore off. Plus my wife just today sent me a photo of my 2 year old in the park, who picked up a ball and put a ring around it and said “Saturn!” Her only real exposure up until now has been a tiny little clip-art style image on a sticker, but I guess it stuck with her!



Yes, please!

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