The crazy storm on Saturn


Mmm. Yes. A “storm.”

Go right on thinking that.

Hopefully Cassinni will not see the shadows cast on the clouds as the Great Ones emerge, saving us from the weeks of horrified speculation before they arrive here.


(But seriously, thanks for the plentiful and great science stories. For a while there it looked like BB was slipping into 24/7 Buying Guide-itis.)

The storm itself isn’t news, but this glorious animated photo is. Pretty!


It forms into a hexagon from being deflected off of all of those pyramids.


It’s clearly the work of the Markovians. Seriously, though, its really interesting to see the fluid dynamics behave at that scale. Given Saturn’s fast rotation, I wonder if the storm velocities are being forced into some sort of harmonic. I wonder if someone could find a way to make music from that storm system.

Exactly. There was an article which discussed this not very long ago; it may in fact have been previously referenced from BB.

Saturn is characterized by light construction (as the least dense planet) and attractive design (the rings) and it’s held together by a hex nut. I say it’s from Ikea.

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