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Then you can buy local, or do without.

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Try to buy locally made integrated circuits. I dare you.[1]

[1] Assuming you are not located in one of a small handful of places where they are made, and assuming chips of higher degree of integration, beyond scale of university-level mini-fabs.

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I’m curious why you think this is not a serious problem that we shouldn’t discuss? There is a great deal of truth in what @kimmo is saying, credit can be a huge scam… but you’re right in that it’s rather hard just to drop out of that. Doing so has serious consequences for us, but it also ties us to the global economic system in ways that aren’t necessarily good for us.


Dag nammit I wish Kimmo wasn’t still squeegeeing his third eye somewhere out past the orbit of Pluto, then he’d show you!

A well considered and thoughtful refutation of your ill considered and miscalculated criticism, no doubt.


Or use a debit card?

A credit card is simply a debit card with a float.

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