CBLDF presents: Liberty!


I just spent half an hour trying to find a mob who’ll sell me a copy via Paypal and ship it outside the US…

There is a whole rest of the world, America.

And dammit, why must I have a credit card? Get stuffed, Amazon.

Gosh in Soho, London has copies.

Is this the site I should be looking at? I can’t find a section for buying stuff.

I occasionally see people expressing this sentiment. Out of morbid curiosity, why do you not want a credit card? Why would you consider Paypal a better alternative? I’m not asking out of any sense of judgement, I just see this semi-regularly and can’t fathom what the reason could be.

Fuck credit cards. They should be called debt cards.

Debt=slavery, particularly when the act of borrowing money is what creates it.

It’s a giant scam, and I refuse to be a part of it.

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I don’t disagree that debt is something to be avoided like the plague for a merry and carefree life. I personally wander around with zero debt myself and take a firm “if I can’t save to pay for it, I don’t get it” approach to life. That said, why not just use a credit card that auto-pays itself off each month so it never pays interest so that you can buy stuff like this online? Hell, why not just use a debit card?

He is philosophically opposed to credit cards, and would like an alternative he can use for online purchases, which is fine. Maybe use a prepaid card? No personal exposure, and they can be bought for cash.

I have no real idea just how far the fractional reserve scam goes, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if ‘debit’ cards invoked it like I’m sure credit cards do.

Every purchase you make, further enriching some fat banker scumbag.

I use my credit cards like checks. That is, I charge stuff to them, then make sure I pay the balance off each month.

This will mean you don’t pay interest I guess, but it’s still free money for the scumbags.

You use your card, the bank says, ah, somebody’s borrowing money, hey presto, let’s make some out of mostly thin air, then you have to pay them ‘back’.

Reckon they give a shit if you don’t pay interest on that?

And as I alluded above, given ‘debit’ cards use the same system, what’s the bet they’ve arranged it so technically you’re borrowing money they pay themselves straight back out of your account or something…

‘Financial services’ is a euphemism for ‘scamming motherfuckers’.


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