Ayn Rand, penis-curser


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yet, the GOP and the Tea party and their ilk look up to this woman as a paragon of virtue?


After reading this (and the amazing linked articles) I was surprised to see that Nathaniel Branden is still alive and well and has long since reinvented himself as a “self-esteem” author and lecturer. Compensating for his cursed penis, I guess.


Well, yeah…I mean, is it not fair to discount someone’s personal eccentricities when one wholeheartedly believes in the body of work of that someone?

I mean, one could say the same thing about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who support her, I would think; she’s not exactly Ayn Rand, but she’s no paragon of virtue, either.

And right now, I’m hard put to think of any living person that I could call a paragon of virtue.

Except Malala; her name just popped into my head.


"If you want to learn more about Rand’s life and her personality cult. . . "

Stop right there! I. . . do not!


Ayn Rant? Somebody actually takes her seriously? Didn’t she write mostly free market satire?


I’ve always pictured her living in a thatched hut propped up on two chicken feet.


I wish… I think the concept of satire was probably lost on her.


Let’s not insult Baba Yaga, now… :wink:


Alan Greenspan
Paul Ryan
Just the ones I know without looking it up.

This penis-cursing story needs much wider circulation. Like most of her fans, I joined the cult in high school and only stayed a few years. The penis-cursing story probably would have made it easier to quit.


Surprises me not. Still…too much information. Ugh.


“The Fountainhead” changed my life in 9th grade… briefly. Then I read more about Objectivism. My time as a Rand fan didn’t last long.


Noam Chomsky came to mind first for me.


I hear the Koch bros do, and those who work for that site and magazine they apparently fund, Reason (Spike too?).


Guess that explains why that network shows a 2.5-hour movie for 5 hours. The greed of those brothers truly knows no bounds.


I followed Joseph Campbell when I was in high school. But I think I’m younger than you, by a tad?



all my favorite people have. :grin:


Atlas Shrunk.


Who knew Ayn Rand was so…


Yeah, baby!