Baboon surprised by magic trick


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I get the same sort of angry when I can’t understand a magic trick – you’ve done something within my ability to comprehend it, but I lack the information to close the gap. Fuck you, higher primate.


In a word: “DAMIEN!”



I’ll have to use my real browser to view the video, the one that isn’t supported by bbs because it doesn’t accept permanent cookies.


without blocking:


Thank you!


Appears to me it’s reacting more because of the gesture.


Good thing there’s glass between them.


Maybe the baboon is concerned about his self-esteem.


Wow I just watched it again and noticed something - when the baboon sees the card disappear, he only looks for it for a split second before looking up, MAKING EYE CONTACT WITH THE GUY, and expressing his amazement. Not sure if awesome or depressing…


It’s a baboon, so I’m going with “angry”.


It’s conspicuously not baring its teeth. That seems to suggest that it’s not angry or frightened.


The baboon’s secret is that baboons are always angry. :slight_smile:


Super depressing. I’ve worked zoos (as a veterinarian), and the larger primate enclosures are always pretty sad. They’re all intelligent enough that they’re bored out of their minds, which often results in a variety of pathological behaviors. We had one orangutan that kept unbolting parts of the enclosure. He figured out how to use his massive strength and a slim strip of metal that had somehow ended up in his enclosure, to unfasten heavy bolts holding giant sheets of plexi to a metal frame. Never unbolted a whole panel, just took bolts out, and put them in conspicuous places for the keepers to find. Hid the F out of his tool though… They only found it after moving all the inhabitants of the enclosure to a holding area and doing a full detailed sweep of the enclosure.

Sound a bit like the cat and mouse games that prisoners play with jailers? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.



Why has the uploader not made this available in my country???


Thanks man


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