Baby dolphin picked up by Florida man for Instagram photo found dead

Originally published at: Baby dolphin picked up by Florida man for Instagram photo found dead | Boing Boing


I wish parents would teach their children to appreciate wildlife as more than living props for selfies. But I suppose in a few more decades, there won’t be any wildlife left to objectify.

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I didn’t know you shouldn’t pick them up, either. I guess you’re supposed to just cut the line and let them go with hook embedded?

As somebody who finds catch and release fishing relaxing, I hope I never ever ever hook a bird, mammal, or reptile. Kind of a nightmare scenario. I definitely would not have thought there would be a problem holding a small dolphin or porpoise temporarily, though. How is it they are able to jump out of the water and splash through the surface if they are so fragile when held? Fwiw, there’s no way in hell I would ever pose for a photo with any unintended catch, including fish I wasn’t targeting.


Yep. In saltwater, that hook is going to corrode and work its way out pretty quickly.

The concentration of forces injure organs when held in a hand or suspended from ropes. Thats why injured or captured dolphins are moved in slings that support their body weight over a large surface area.

The other factor is alien bacteria and fungi getting rubbed right into their skin. Not good at all.


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