Baby goat discovers mirrors


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goats a freaken idiot. get a clue goat its called a mirror!!!

Ok, the dog ties the whole thing together with his “what an idiot” attitude.


The two adults in the room have a lot more faith than I would in the strength of that mirror.


It’s all fun and games until the mirror gets broken.

This reminds me that I had a dog who, as a puppy, would bark and wag his tail and play bow at his reflection. As he got older he grew out of it, but would still occasionally stop and look if he happened to see himself in a mirror.


Are baby goats typically kept in the house?

Looks like she’s met her match.


There’s no way this will end in panicked bleating and shards of bloody glass all over.

What a coincidence! I just watched about ten minutes of various animals discovering mirrors, and generally being confused.


Death From Above

I must find out where the paper comes from!

That’s not a baby goat! It’s an adult pygmy goat. They are amusing little creatures.

Crazy mixed up kid!

I don’t think I’m much smarter than the goat, because the edge of the mirror confused me. It looks like there’s a mirror with a second goat behind it, doing exactly the same thing as the first goat. it took me way too long to figure out that there was only one goat.

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