Wild gorilla displeased with his reflection in mirror


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“Wild gorilla displeased with his reflection in mirror”

Yeah, I know a lot of humans who are displeased with their reflections in a mirror too, but in a very different way.


No, it’s not a different way for me. I just keep slamming my head against it, but it never gets any cuter.


Dude, animals are stupid.


I don’t know if that is what is shown here. I imagine humans would react oddly to mirrors the first time they were shown them too.


All except the chimps and the elephant pretty clearly failed the mirror test, but the chimps pretty clearly passed it.
(Without the mark, I know, but they could pretty clearly tell that they were looking at themselves.)


Oh that’s adorable! Watch at 1:04, the human thinks it’s washing the other human!


Had to watch the .gif about 10 times before I could finally not give the gorilla a voice in my head saying “Yeah bro, you got a problem? Maybe you’re the problem bro!” BANG! repeat ad nauseam.


Mirror Match!



I wouldn’t call it mean to the animals, a lot of them seemed fascinated, if confused. It’s definitely a very good thing they made it gorilla-proof, though. Puzzling animals is one thing, but I wouldn’t want them getting a paw/fistful of sharp mirror shards.


There’s one buried on the moon too.


I don´t know, maybe it is. Like, they´re so dumb, like seriously dumb.

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