Parrot admires self in the mirror


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“We don’t have cable, so we make our own fun.”


When are my photons supposed to get here?


Does the parrot realise it is an image, and not another parrot copying it?


Winston Churchill parrots are not amused. They were in a war once!!


another trump video…


Admire? That’s the Parrot-fu combat dance, monkey-paw style. Enter the Feathered Dragon!


Parrots wants to fuck himself.


That parrot is obviously driven insane by the other parrot responding to its mating dance with mockery.

The legendary Frauenfelder insensitivity to suffering animals strikes again!


Wow, I watched this at work on mute, and that’s the best way to enjoy it without that awful mall music.


Even this guy knew the value of a silent performance


Although mirror tests (Gordon Gallup created it in the early 1970s) are inconclusive with parrots (save for the African Grey), but the positive results with crows and magies indicate a possibility of self-recognition. Note that the test is not 100 % reliable.

In this case, it might not recognize the reflection as another “self” but as another playmate you cannot touch and whatever you do it does. That’s more aware than most birds who will usually attack the reflection.


I was wondering how long it would take for dour finger-wagging that this is actually a form of existential torture for the poor bird. Achievement Unlocked!

I know you were kidding


More aware than some people i’ve known, people attack their own reflection all the time.

Citation: any political thread on this blog.


so… does that mean I didn’t unlock the achievement?


Every parrot I have ever had is fascinated with “the bird in the mirror”. Some go behind the mirrored door of a medicine cabinet to try to find the other bird.

I give mirror lessons, by holding a bird up to the mirror so I learns that it is a solid obstacle. My brother’s bird knocked itself unconscious by flying into one.

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