Baby rhino skips and jumps like his lamb buddy

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If only donkeys and elephants…


Cute, but it looks like the person filming almost got bowled over by the aforementioned baby rhino.




You could tell that fucker really wanted to jump on the rhino’s back.

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Baby rhinos are the best!


Who’s gonna be first to call out the rhino for “appropriation”? You go first, I’ll record it, it’ll go viral!


it might not be so cute anymore when the rhino is full grown and skipping and jumping around.

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(Sardinic alert) Oh no! How dare that Baby Rhino try and take away Goat culture! That rhino has NO IDEA how much the goats have suffered in the past, as farm animals, pack carriers, etc. Doesn’t this rhino know that jumping is for goats, kangaroos, rabbits, frogs, wallabies, little kids that still have a sense of fun, and adults that can get in touch with their independence ONLY?!
Go ahead baby rhino! You do your thing with your little goat friend and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks or says!

Well, I’m with you all the way, except that lambs are not baby goats. Baby goats are kids, and lambs are baby sheep.
So you’ve single-handledly airbrushed sheep culture from this entire discussion.
We need a ‘sheep culture week’!



I swear I didn’t mean anything by my statement! I meant human kids. Children. Kids. I am in no way trying to diminish the great things that the sheep culture has provided to society.

I stand by your statement that we need a ‘Sheep Culture Week’ as well. I’ve taken the liberty of sending a letter to all of the news networks and my Congress representative as well.

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Well, it’s a start, if we overlook your deliberate use of “goats” (not “kids”), and that only when called on it in the glare of public shaming do you then claim to be a sheep supporter too. We’ll be watching for any backsliding. Nice to see you join the cause late, but those of us who have been sheep-worriers (NO! Not that sort of sheep-worrier!!) forever, view your sudden conversion with suspicion.

This really gets my goat, you know!


ETA (It’s the woolly thinking of people like you that fleeces the public - that’s what drives me baaaarmy)


Once again, I stand by my earlier statement, that I meant no harm.
I…I can’t keep going :rofl:this is hilarious! I love the puns too! I’m snorting too hard to focus!

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Well, let’s let it go and give you the benefit of the doubt now that you seem to be spinning a credible story. So let’s all stick to our own knitting now, shall we?

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Lol. Deal!

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Ok. Deal here too. I’m not such a mutton for punishment, either. Nor, in this thread, should I hogget.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: We wouldn’t want to start a cock fight!

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Cock fight? Nah, too chicken.

(OK, I’m going to carefully close the lid of my laptop now and gambol on being able to resist any more of this for a while.)

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Too funny

It’s going to be even cooler when he’s full grown and can charge straight up a mountain.

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