Bad cartoon character art on daycare center walls

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Google blurred the face but thats a bad rendition of Peggy Hill on the right


That last one looks like a place where you don’t have to worry about pick up…


Maybe the idea is to make them so poorly that you don’t get sued for copyright infringement.


I have seen places like this, always in poor neighborhoods. I’m still amazed some ambulance-chaser doesn’t sue on behalf of Jim Davis.

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Nightmare fuel.

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I laugh! But I could not do better.

…And that’s why I do not try.

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Off the subject, but why would anyone think a day care center would have public bathrooms.


I wonder if “Christ-capable” daycare centers charge extra for actual Christ installation. Protected by DRM, no doubt.

Wait, Where most no-goodnik cartoon character?

Ok, that better.


Reminds me of the time Disney sued some daycare centres with unauthorised artwork on the walls, so Hanna Barbera footed the bill for the centres to be redecorated with their own characters.


So, uh, why are ‘christ capable’ Mickey’s balls in the wrong place?? And where’s his dick?? Creepy.

Sweet Jesus what happened to Snoopy’s eyes?

Just a reminder, while we’re on the subject…Early child care and education centers are even more heinously underfunded than public schools. The pay is shit in all but those for the most wealthy (and even there, it’s still shit, compared to the gravity of the job) and those run by universities. The regulations on training and education for the teachers/caretakers is quite often non-existent or weak (these are in an ouroborous with the shitty compensation). If you’re looking for a key vector for social reproduction and inequality, look no further.

On a related note, these places are often a person’s first toe-dip into running a business and having a profession. Taking the time to throw up some shitty art is actually a pretty good sign. Are you a graphic designer or aspiring artist? Offer to do some original, child-friendly muraling for your local child care center!

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