Hitler painting could be yours




His art isn’t as bad as I’d been led to believe. Pity he didn’t decide to keep at it.


Buy it and use it as toiler paper.


I heard he didn’t have people in his paintings. This one has one, abeit poorly drawn.


A Hitler painting on your wall? How much is that in Cosby box sets?


A gross


Naa. Lock it up in a research library or something. It might be useful to scholars. Whatever else he was, he was a human being and it’s important to understand him as a human being.


Not half bad, actually.


His color is ok, some of the detail work is pretty good (I like the bricks exposed where the plaster has chipped away), hus subject is interesting; but unless those buildings were assembled by a blind crew then his perspective is absolute crap. He’s all over the place.


The detail is fairly decent, and yes the perspective is janky in spots. I think my main thing with it is that there’s no real feeling in the painting. I get the impression that he just copied what he saw to the best of his abilities and didn’t really add any particular touch to it. This is what i would call a bathroom painting, something you can look at while taking a dump.


It’s not terrible, but it’s not professional grade work at all. I personally know several amateurs who do far better work than that.


“Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized.” - Adolf Hitler


Not a bad racket:

  1. Depict church in watercolor
  2. Pursue actions that lead to church getting bombed
  3. Sell “last recorded depiction” of now-historical church.
  4. Profit!

(Oh, did I just unfairly malign Hitler by imputing to him evil schemes beyond his actual documented ones? Oops.)



I think there might actually be two people in this painting, but it’s a little hard to tell.


After seeing this image, I’m imagining an alternative history where Hitler had a successful career as a children’s book illustrator.


And Theodore Giesel might have been a genocidal dictator.

“Oh Theodore Giesel, that marvelous he…
For he is the king of all that he sees…”


It doesn’t have to be one or the other. I was going to cite Julius Streicher, but apparently he only published children’s books as part of his genocidal propaganda campaign, he didn’t write them.


Indeed, he’s way better than Rob Liefeld


Like “The Poison Mushroom”