Hitler had a micropenis and a deformed urethra


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aint that a pisser!


Posted eight 39 days early?

“What is your field of historical research?”

“Hitler’s cock and balls.”

You’ve outed my secret, and very dear, wish to completely skip March this year.


Ah yes. Godweenie’s Law.


You know who else had a had a micropenis and a deformed urethra?

Oh… wait… I guess you do…

ETA - @the_borderer that’s what I meant. Thanks.



Context pls?

(Perhaps I’m displaying a deplorable lack of awareness of world history, but short of a personal dig at Beschizza I’m reading that as a semi-non-sequitur.)



Ah, got it, thanks so much!
Not enough coffee yet I suppose. :slightly_smiling:


To those who may be unfamiliar:

Hitler has only got one ball,
Göring has two but very small,
Himmler has something sim’lar,
But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.

Sung to the “Bridge on the River Kwai” theme.


Why’d they put a bowtie on that one on teh far right? Or is that mustache?


Now we know why he had that funny mustache.


Why are people so obsessed with Hitler’s junk? Why?


I was going to FURST it with “Yeah, we know he was a bad guy. Who cares what his cock and balls looked like. He didn’t use them to kill about 8 million people.”


All I can figure is that the scale of what he did was so massive, that people can’t imagine a “normal” person would do such a thing, and so they have to look for causes that are grounded in his being abnormal in some way and his sexuality just seems like a scapegoat in that sense… it’s like… penile Sonderweg or some such.


I don’t think anyone is obsessed. I think people weird things interesting.

Also, Hitler had chronic stomach and intestinal issues, and horrible gas. His doctor was a in incompetent quack who gave him things like “Dr. Köster’s Anti-gas pills", which contained strychnine and he ate like candy (building up a tolerance like Dread Pirate Roberts.)


Maybe because if it had been widely known at the time, he would not have gained such a following. A strong man has to look strong or the whole mystique falls apart. Ridicule is a powerful weapon. “My Struggle to Pee Straight” comes to mind.

Of course it’s wrong to ridicule someone’s medical condition, but that’s what would have happened. Look at the effort that went into downplaying FDR’s and Kaiser Wilhelm’s infirmities.


I mean, we don’t talk about Stalin’s junk, or FDR’s junk, do we? This just seems to crop up quite a bit for it to not be an obsession for someone… Why does the condition of Hitler’s junk matter, as well as his medical condition?

To be fair, ridicule away, as far as I’m concerned, but I do find it an odd aspect of the public discussion on the Nazis, is all.

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Opening up new ways to Godwin a thread.


You beat me to it.