George Zimmerman is selling his fine art paintings on eBay, and we had a question for the artist




Fine Art?

Did you really send that question to him, Xeni?


Zimmerman, Gacy, Bush… what is it that draws them to the canvas?


You forgot Hitler.


xeni, out for her morning (s)troll.


Well, that didn’t take long.


He’s traced over one of the first results in an image search for ‘American Flag’ on Google. (add a g to the end - I can’t post the full link as I’m a new user apparently)


No, Hitler actually fancied himself an artist. It had nothing to do with Godwin’s law, but thanks for playing.


The text on that painting requires too many asterisk’s for my liking.


and Europe was his canvas!


Please tell me this is a hoax. I am confused. I have to work for 2 going on 3 years to make that kind of money, while he shoots and kills someone, gets away with it, and can make >$100000 for 3 hours work max?


Goes to prove that old maxim, “any publicity is good publicity”.


I’m pretty sure “God, One Nation” is supposed to be read as “One Nation [under] God.” It’s like a third grade brain teaser. Without the brain or the tease.


My two questions as well.

That self-satisfied smile while holding up a “fuck you” to our Founding Fathers (and the permanent loss of liberty of Trayvon Martin) makes my blood boil. Brava, Xeni, for calling him on it.


Really? This is the type of attention-seeking post I’d expect on a Fox News blog.


OMG you’re right. Sick.


Yeah, it’s one of those things a person thinks is terribly clever if they’re 10, stoned, stupid, or possibly all three.


Can somebody please explain to me why this murderous fucker has the right to walk free and get his smiling mug plastered on eBay, making money by selling a message he clearly knows nothing about.


I visit Boing Boing for the overly-liberal threads posted by feminazis such as Xeni.

Keep your opinions where they belong. Truth is, the man stood trial in the courtroom and was dismissed of any wrong doing by a group of fellow american peers; can’t get any more American than that.


Hey - who needs a justice system when we can just condemn people in the court of public opinion? Not guilty, not schmilty - amiright? Bonus points for comparing him to a serial killer.