George Zimmerman to auction the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin


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“I am honored and humbled to announce the sale of an American Firearm Icon,”

The man is a opportunistic coward that defies description.


How is this gun not locked up in an evidence locker? I guess it was returned to him. Seriously WTF


I…no words, no words at all.


Dear FBI/NSA, etc…you know how you like to track everything everyone’s doing? As long as you’re doing that, how 'bout keeping an extra close eye on whoever bids on White Supremacist Excalibur over here…



I’m not sure whom to be more frightened of: Zimmerman or the individual who wants to own that gun.


Everybody calm down. Racism is over, didn’t you get the memo?


I’ma buy it and use it as the centerpiece for my Museum of American Bigotry.

We’ll have George Zimmerman’s gun, clothes used in Japanese internment camps in WWII, a John Wayne western, all sorts of stuff.

And to enter the museum, you have to pass through the agape mouth of a massive plaster head of Donald Trump.


I think I know a good contractor for this…


I’m torn… I’d like to buy it and melt it down, but I don’t know if I want to cast a Trayvon-headed crucifix or a Zimmerman-headed butt plug.


I’m sure many are already contemplating various “shocking” and creative art projects that will feature the desecration of this “icon” as its centerpiece.


George Zimmerman’s continued existence is the best possible argument against the Law as we know it and for community justice.


Other than that, what an evil, murdering bastard.


I’m not brave enough myself, but I’m sure you can find inspiration with the search term “crucifix as butt plug”.


christ, what an asshole.


someone should really just shoot this guy


Paying anything over fair market value for the gun will just enrich and encourage this clown.


If ‘Mr’ Zimmerman is so anxious to make sure we have a well regulated militia (the standing army of the time) perhaps he could join the armed forces? Might lose a few pounds, learn a thing or three and perhaps remove his head from his ass.

do not want to add him to my LinkedIn network

christ, what an asshole


Ditching the murder weapon; you’re doing it wrong.


That was my first thought, but geez.

Literally gets away with murder, only to actively flaunt that fact plus a helping of outright racism thrown in for good measure…

I think that goes well beyond mere assholery.