"White supremacy acquitted Zimmerman"


You do realize that “White Supremacy” had nothing to do with the Zimmerman verdict, right? In fact, race had nothing to do with it. He was simply not guilty under FL law.

Signs like this make me sick because all they do is perpetuate lies. Likewise, BoingBoing has lost a long time viewer because you insist on posting bullshit like this.


I just don’t understand race relations in the USA, they seem so different to Europe.


He was acquitted because the prosecution made a very half hearted showing as if they did not particularly care about getting a conviction, which is consistent with their local history.

Also the jurors admitted breaking sequestration (discussing the case with lawyer husband) as well as believing bizarre misinformation (there was rioting after the shooting.). We may never know if they were influenced by the white supremacist hoaxes of “Hulk Travon” where pictures of other kids were substituted for TM in a “Sandy Spring Truther” style hoax. Part of the sleepwalking prosecution was failing to highlight that GZ outweighed TM by 30 lbs (see autopsy and police reports) or failing to point out that TM was probably still wearing a size 'medium" t-shirt.


Europe isn’t exactly a paradise of racial harmony. If anything, it’s still more segregated than the U.S. and doesn’t have to face the issue head-on.

It’s not unheard of in Europe for soccer fans to make monkey noises when black players take possession of the ball. (I watch a lot of international soccer, and I’ve seen and heard plenty of it, at the highest levels of the game.) That would fucking never fly in America—not for any length of time. I was at a bar in New York for an England-Poland match a few years back, and a table full of Polish fans started doing it right there in the bar. You’ve never seen a room full of people turn nasty so quickly. The bartender literally jumped over the bar, grabbed the guys by the collars, and threw them into the street.

The particulars of this case are the particulars. Race relations are a mess here, sure. They are across all of humanity. Let’s not pretend otherwise, yeah?


So Zimmerman is still Hispanic right or did media bias officially turn him white?


Don’t bring factual arguments into an emotional argument, it never works. :confused:


Posting is not endorsing. It does offer it up for discussion.


Is there an opposite of Jury Nullification?

People like you will never understand racism.


This question seems similar to the question of “did Global Warming cause [latest natural disaster]?”. Something similar could have happened in a neutral world, but racial bias will make results like this more common and more one sided in general. In both cases, seemingly comparable events (such as Marissa Alexander’s case) aren’t quite the same and can’t really give you an accurate picture of whether the single event was ‘natural’ or caused by human intervention. In both cases, some people will exaggerate the differences to question whether the bias exists at all.


Buh bye, bonehead.

Do a little reading around, like maybe the article the image is based on, and you just might realize that the white supremacist culture Americans are still swimming in had a lot to do with George Zimmerman’s actions, and with his acquittal.


Oh for shit’s sake, are people really still saying this??

A person can be BOTH Hispanic/Latino (an ethnicity) and white (a race).

And even if GZ weren’t white, he could still very easily have white supremacist fears and prejudices about young black men in hoodies propelling his actions.


terrible link bait. seriously?


Awesome link in this post, Rob, thank you for it.


Europe isn’t exactly a shining example of racial equality either. When was the last time a European country elected a dark-skinned person as head of government?


What, exactly, does “like me” mean? That seems like a rather general statement to make, considering you know almost nothing about me. Exactly the type of generalized statement that a racist would make about someone they didn’t like…

My point is, there’s a law. It’s clearly defined. Zimmerman was within that law when he shot Martin. The case isn’t about race. It’s the news media and other idiots who are making it about race.


Oh, you were there when Zimmerman put a bullet in Martin’s heart? Why in the world didn’t you step forward as the only eye witness aside from Zimmerman himself?


Travon Martin would not be dead if he had been a white kid walking down that street, that seems obvious to me.

What’s tough is that it’s possible it was not a terrible verdict, despite this fact. I didn’t watch the trial, but my understanding is that the prosecution did a poor job making the case.

The above two things are not mutually exclusive.


That right there means to me that it WAS a terrible verdict.

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