Ferguson: Survey says white people in US have way more confidence in police than black people




I am privileged by the random nature of my birth, and I deeply acknowledge that. I also wish I had answers for this problem, other than Don’t Shoot People and Don’t Arrest Just Cause Theyre Different.


At least there’s some ambivalence in white response rather than an overwhelming echoing of the redstate line of fascist garbage. It’s not enough. It’s overwhelmingly conflicted, which may be a tiny good sign in the massive pile of demographic excrement that is three generations of white Middle America.


Well, all of the police we see are so nice and helpful. To us anyway.


I don’t know what DK is, but I imagine if DK=BB the stats would skew the other way.

We really need a catchphrase for posts like this (like we have the “Christ, what an asshole” phrase for pendejos grandes).

I’m going to suggest “In other NO FUCKING SHIT news…”


How about “Christ, what assholes.”

I really try not to blame people for things outside of their experience. I.e. if you’ve grown up and the police have always had your back, and have “been on your side”, then I’m not surprised that you believe cops to generally be on the side of justice, and don’t blame you if you buy the party line that the police are your friends.

A lot of these people, through the vagaries of birth and fortune, probably have no reason not to have confidence in the police. They do not belong to a population regarded by the police as “the enemy”, and are more likely than not have been the recipients of the benefit of the doubt in past interactions with the police.

So, I wouldn’t call them “assholes” per se, just perhaps people that haven’t been exposed to the whole picture.


You made a funny, which I belatedly noticed…

In other news, pope shits in woods, bear wears silly hat.

I suspect that the ‘White’ view is based on an idealized notion of a police roll and the ‘Black’ view is based to a greater extent on unwanted and largely unjustified interaction. Probably neither is really based on the reporting or I would expect everybody to be concerned and to have little confidence. Having said that I am always amazed that we divide everything in the US, or at least the reporting of everything, into Black and White. It sounds like there was a third Hispanic stripe (It states “Blacks and Whites include all those who are not Hispanic”) which maybe didn’t show a striking result. It would seem relevant to include it or at least an other as it would indicate where the anomalies are.

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What I’ve learned is that it’s possible to be an asshole even if one is ignorant of being one, or of knowing to the degree one is being an asshole. It’s part of the white experience.


I agree. It’s kind of hard to get beyond skin color when skin color is all everyone seems to be concerned with.

im white. i ride a motorcycle, i am not a fan of the MAN. i’ve seen stuff. not nice stuff. being different is bad to “the MAN”

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I wish that were shocking, but unfortunately it’s completely consistent with the conversations I’ve had with random people. Black people usually have at least one first- or second-hand story of police abuse, while white people have either a vaguely apologetic blank look or a glowing report of how the cops have really “cleaned up” some area and it’s so much “nicer” now.

We are the new South Africa.


It really depends on your zip code as well. As a home owner in Marin County, my Latina skin suddenly became so pale, you’d think the police of Marin thought I was a white chick, but since I’ve been renting south of Oakland, it feels like my skin color, the the economic status of myself and my neighbors has made us all constant suspects of some ongoing crime investigation. It’s enough to inspire one to conspire themselves. I’ve an idea to make a new 10 point plan, similar to the White Panthers 10 point plan to support the Black Panthers 10 point program. It’s not really conspiring as it is planning in reading, and sharing. So here goes. The culmination of being a conspirator. I’m winning hearts and minds. Possibly making them angry. I’m doing something to hearts and minds. It’s making me feel better.

Total assault on the culture, anyone?
Behold our history.


This is the problem, it is a cover all for what is probably unconscious racism and all other *isms you will find with the police and officialdom. There is the thin blue line which is protects even the corrupted bad apples who spoil the whole barrel, there are the civilians, who happen to be mostly white, who have enough influence to bless or curse the police agency or at least individual officers, and there are those who can probably be abused without consequence.

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Didn’t you learn anything from the whole Zimmerman thing? Hispanics are apparently now “white”.

In college I saw some white guy bolt from the cops and they snatched him by the collar, swung him into the middle of their circle, and four of them were laying into him with their nightsticks in a fraction of second. Those guys were much much faster than they looked.

To me, the most significant point about this is that to a lot of people a feeling of interracial community just doesn´t exist. The indications, and sometimes evidence, for police abuse and murder of black people happening is quite overwhelming, so if there was such a feeling, everyone should be affected the same by events like in Ferguson. A lot of white people just don´t seem to be bothered by police abuse and shooting of black people beacause there is no “we”, just “us” and “them”.

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There’s a weird disconnect between the Tea Party goobers with their Gadsen flags who think they are being threatened by the federal government not their local law enforcement agencies. And this is despite the fact that white people have been getting shot fairly regularly by militarized local cops. I think it’s more that these guys are deep into a fantasy world where they will kill their political opponents, black and white. And they don’t want to see the cops stop shooting blacks because they want to be able to kill blacks themselves, like in NOLA after Katrina. And these guys are maybe 20% of the population, which seems to be the usual percentage of hard core Fascists.