Bad Driver Database is a smartphone app that I predict will soon be yanked from the iTunes Store


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A void, for people who invest ego into traffic, to bellow impotently into, cannot be an entirely bad thing.


To be properly creepy, it needs their home address, a map, navigation button, if they registered Republican or Democrat, any sex offender db tags, and a big disclaimer.


Yeah, the blackmail aspect is going to get it yanked. Although he may become a multimillionaire in the interim based on the state of FL alone.

I can see this working without the blackmail and with the integration of dashcam video, but for now a better app might be a “Bad Parker Database” app with no “pay to get out” button and the requirement of photographic evidence (without the danger of being a bad driver who videos while driving).


So, people will be entering this bad driver information into their phones–while they are driving?


And then 2 people enter the person entering information, and then 2 more people enter those and so on… In two weeks we’ll all be in there!


Like this?


It’s a good thing my wife doesn’t have an iPhone, or my license plate would be in there like a million times.


If it were to stay, I would predict that people would compete to have the most mentions. Reminds me of when I ran a campus network and tried to publicly shame the students who had used the most bandwidth.


Exactly. How about an alternative version of this app: When you open it, an accelerometer determines whether you are in a car. If you are, it enters your license plate into the Goofus database and congratulates you with a suitable animation.


Yes, but with a mobile augmented reality interface like Pokemon Go.


I had an idea like this a few years ago. Yet for every reason you mentioned I see no point in creating it. Now hook something up to a dash cam… add a license plate scanner get a network of them together and all of a sudden we could have an effective citizens police state where everyone cant track everyone! sounds kind of awful still.



If it gets pulled I predict that it will be because of the awful ca. iOS 6 aesthetic.


It sounds like we need an app to keep track of startup ‘entrepreneurs’ who should probably be kept away from the internet for the good of mankind…

Between the fact that “easy to use products that fill the needs people might not even realize exist” apparently means a crude distributed blackmail client; and that color scheme; I’m not sure which to condemn harder.


If you are entering license data into a phone while driving, you should automatically be entered as a bad driver.


Pretty clear how this is supposed to work.

Police ostensibly will check the app during traffic stops to see if they are repeat offenders but just avoided getting dinged. (They do this I gather with notes in the system when reckless drivers are reported on the non emergency police lines)

And of course the function of getting delisted is to get rich.


That seems to have the same problem as the “brilliant” strategy to do the same for blocking people texting in moving cars. What this seems to forget is the existence of passengers.


You see, this is why people hate technology. Not because technology is actually bad. That’s why they think they hate it, sure. But the real reason is because people are assholes, a significant percentage of whom, apparently, deeply desire to create a world in which people are monitoring each other all the time. I mean, we’re already most of the way there, but apparently that’s not good enough for everyone.


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