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Um, because a bunch of feckless purists (not naming names) were too busy congratulating themselves on their purity to vote for the candidate who “is just as evil” by virtue of not being perfect.

Next question?

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And there was me thinking that it was because the US wrote a (admittedly, very nice) constitution a couple of hundred years ago, and then decided that because it worked just fine then, that it wouldn’t need more than the odd amendment to adapt to changing times.
EG, that whole 2nd amendment “well regulated militia - right to bear arms” thing seems to cause a lot of argument over the exact meaning, and the intent of the people who originally wrote it. What most countries would do is say; “lets re-write this confusing legislation and make it clear what this country’s laws have to say about firearms now in this modern world”. Of course, to do that you’d have to have a consensus on firearms in the first place.


You know that there are precedents and mechanisms to do this in other countries? Referendums don’t have to be a shitshow. The English Tories are just genuinely incompetent at government.

Change the government now and begin a process of fixing your broken political system then. You mightn’t get the gun control you want but you can get change. Most gun owners aren’t really all that keen on kids getting slaughtered to keep gun company profits up. Obviously the cosplaying ammosexuals are so far off the edge that they conflate that with freedom. Any inclusive citizen consultation is going to leave them marginalised where they should be. They will not be capable of engaging in a civil consultation process. They will only be able to rant, rave, foam at the mouth, and threaten people with guns. This will not contribute to the final documents.

The far right’s superpower is dominating angry discourse, this is a superpower as the attention algorithms we rely on for interactions with media respond to this. They are utterly shit at governing and the business of competently getting things done. Sitting down in a room and listening and working together is not their skillset.


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