Badass Dragon Scavengers of the Void - Final Standings

Yeah, I want to add my thanks to @messana and all the players. That was fun!


@Glutnix Racks. You abandoned us to go frollick in the fields and swamps with Dakota. Probably best for the two of you to get out while the gettings good. I know a guy who knows a guy who can get you a job in accounts receivable out on Saskatoon II if you end up out there


I’Leader of the free Universe, Space-President Rump’. Sounds good. I will never let you down.

@Messana SUBMIT


That was wonderful! I’ll save some comments for the postmortem thread, but @messana I am astounded at the combination of complex elements that you managed to coordinate to create this game; a coherent and compelling story with multiple sub-plots, surprises, and creative flourishes; complex and interesting choices for characters; and a remarkable amount of calculation and organization. It was a tremendous amount of fun, humor, and suspense.

Thank you and BRAVO!


And what a cast of characters! We have such a huge pool of talent here on the BBS and this game really showcased it. Imagination and creativity, humor and silliness, great writing and wonderful drawing. It was so much fun playing the game with all of you. You’re all princesses in my book. :thumbsup:


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