Badass Dragons of the Wasteland: UAW Repairs Thread

like left-handed drive. :slight_smile:


Thanks for thinking of me, but…


Damn…that was a spicy meatball. My repair points are at your disposal. Who needs to get tuned up?


Whoa, right here!
Bill got me halfway but I’d love another 15 to get topped up right now. I keep getting into all kinds of scrapes.

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Thanks for adding to the pool!

@SteampunkBanana +15RP = 31HP / 31MHP, STATUS = EXCELLENT

Total RP available: 84 / 177

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Well, since I’ve already broken canon to come back for a lazer cannon and tennies, I guess I can get some reps.

+11 will get me up to my 50% max of 35.

Muchas Gracias - here’s 5LP.

lol, well so did I - but we got lost! We had to come back to camp right? Shit we’re lucky we made it, if you hadn’t ran across me (and ran over that Deathclaw!) I might not even be here!

@funruly +11RP = 35HP / 70MHP, STATUS = STABLE

Total RP available: 73 / 177

Everyone keep their donations, this round it’s personal!

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I’m halfway. If anyone could see their way to getting me up to 75% or so I’d be much obliged. Another 19?

Good to see you! I’d appreciate getting some more repairs, but make sure the other scouts and mechanics are topped off first.


@daneel +22RP = 51HP / 68MHP, STATUS = GOOD

@gwwar +16RP = 62HP / 83MHP, STATUS = GOOD

@peregrinus_bis +9RP = 28HP / 38MHP, STATUS = GOOD

@Solomon +18RP = 54HP / 72MHP, STATUS = GOOD

@Palomeque +6RP = 48HP / 65MHP, STATUS = GOOD

@bizmail_public +4RP = 28HP / 38MHP, STATUS = GOOD

@webiii1976 +13RP = 29HP / 39MHP, STATUS = GOOD

Total RP available: 9 / 201

Players note: These repairs should have everyone up to 75% total MHP, I added my shoe selection to my MHP for a boost in RP’s to complete these repairs, however I did not take into account the bonus HP from other peoples shoe selections, so the total MHP maybe off on a few players stats.


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Sensing the time to roll out was close upon him, Bill looked about the camp for anyone else needing repairs. Everybody seemed busy gearing up in preparation to ride off to rescue Clank, or had already left to scout out the rescue route.

Bill knew he couldn’t save Clank if he ended up dead, and he had sworn an oath to The Craftsman when he imbued his pipe wrench w/ +3 badassdom, that he would use it to split Fleetwood’s skull wide open! It was a vow Bill intended on keeping, or at least dieing while trying…

Bill hurried to work! He used his dent puller to pop the Vampire’s face imprint from his fender. The work wasn’t pretty but Bill slapped on a extra think coat of Bondo, and promised himself he would sand it down later.

Next he replaced the busted head light with a used one from his stash of Stretch 1.0’s stolen spare parts. Once the head light was installed Bill noticed his grille was cracked. Bill didn’t have another grille, but he did have the next best thing… DUCT TAPE!

@webiii1976 +9RP = 38HP / 39MHP, STATUS = EXCELLENT

Total RP available: 0 / 201


Thanks for the top-up, Bill. Between that and the +40EN in shoes/props I should be able to survive the psychic damage from TCB overload this round.

I wish I had LPs to give you for your time but I’m flat broke till this mission wraps up.

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No LP donations being accepted, this round… It’s personal!


@webiii1976 +18RP = 39HP / 39MHP, STATUS = EXCELLENT

Total RP available: 99 / 117

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I’m always up for repairs :smile: As ever, 100% would be awesome, but anywhere north of 66% would be nice

Currently 22/68. 46 required to 100%, 23 to 67%.

Can donate 10LP to the UAW this time around.

will take me 24 RP to get back up to my 50% mark of 35.

I think I have at least 10LP for the cause. Not for you, Bill, but for Clank.


We have to do our bit for General Von Clankerhoffen.

I’m down 12, but I’ll wait to see others fixed first. I only got a few shocks from our last trip to bountiful.

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