Badass ladies wrestling: 10 awesome old photos

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I’ve known women who grapple, but it doesn’t look like this.

Except the Bennett sisters, that’s a nasty joint lock.

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Now that’s a “wrestling partner” I’d like to meet.

Awesome! Thanks @xeni!!!

You can see the Fabulous Moolah, in one of those, the tag team pic!

Also, if you guys haven’t seen the documentary about GLOW, you should. It’s great!



Why have I not read that comic!?


Man, did Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young manage to shit on their legacy in their later years.

Even though it was incredibly badass to see these septuagenarians in the ring taking bumps, their storylines were incredibly degrading and mean spirited.


Women are b.a.

I believe in an ancient island of women who can open a can of whupass as easy, and more cuttingly, than a man can.

Poem in play.

Ouch!!! That shit looks like it hurts!!!

Hot. Like extra fit librarians.

In related news, this week the WWE changed the Divas Championship back to the Women’s Championship. So there’s that, which is nice.

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I like the one with the little girl watching (next to her dad?) in the background.

That’s how our librarians roll in Tucson.

Exactly what these pictures made me think of!

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