Vintage photos of women in tiny miniskirts with huge old computers


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I honestly can’t pick my favorite, but that’s because when I green screen I also too get down showin’ off my gams.


rawrrrrrr comin 'atcha from behind that TSP-212 Plotting System!



This tells you absolutely nothing!
But I still want one!


The EAI ads often fall back upon the same trope, but are for some reason my faves.


In the top one the dudes suit looks like a fifty dollar special at jc penny and he is gonna need daily back massages from the pain his drooping shoulders are gonna give him.

(The dress looks fab)



Quibbling, perhaps, but tiny miniskirts those are not.


I think that it is a water softener…
Now, this I want:


Sometimes showing less is more…


Loom at those dreamy eyes.

I was gonna say look, autocorrect changed it, and I like loom better.


Well… He is wearing a knit sweater XD


I just now realized both the NSA and Google are gonna be fucking confused about my search patterns today. I need to stay away from amazon.


back in the day, I remember that Cray’s website featured pictures of their products with copious amounts of dry ice.

“Like Glamour Shots, but with computers instead of”, commented a friend sitting next to me.



I’m seeing very little ‘sex-sells’ in these images, especially when compared to today’s standards.
I’m seeing lots of women operators (which was very common) wearing (newly liberated) fashions of the times, showing the presence of women in the computer-world, as was good and proper.
meh, red herring.


“TSP-212 Plotting System is a real swinger”

Ding Dong!