Yugoslavian computer magazine cover girls of the 1980s-90s


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wow those are umm something.
looking at the actual site most are pretty bog standard cheesecake/pretty girl props which is problematic but most are fully clothed and just presenting/posing, then are just some cringeworthy ones.


Rule 34 before its time.

I sense a broad …err… theme in the examples provided in the Boingboing article. I’m not sure if they reflect the photographer’s preferences, the publisher’s, the readers’ or @frauenfelder’s. Or perhaps all of the above!


The last one posted here is kind of cool. Sort of retro-future-uber-gothy.


80’s clickbait was pretty wacky.


Why is that one girl tied up and blindfolded?


Being held hostage by ransomware?


I wish I knew… because WTF?


Hm. I’d add “s/m-ish” to your description.


Meanwhile in Germany:


West, I assume?


Great lengths taken to make beige sexy.


That is probably my fav with a close tie going to the posed on a motorcycle with a pocket computer of the day.
I should also say that there is at least one obviously older model posing as well.
The December 1987 pic though… that one is probably the most oh god no/amusing one.
edit : April 1988


Yes, West Germany, the price is in DM


I like to think that the dress is made up of some high quality magnetic tape. It’s clearly not, but it adds so much more to the 80’s techno-apocalypse look.

Can we talk about her too?

So enthralled at the prospect of using Design Studio that she’s resorted to drawing on pen and paper.

Not that I blame her, seeing as she doesn’t have a mouse.


I quite like the ones where the computer parts have obviously been cheaply copy/pasted (was photoshop-like software around this early?) into another photo :smiley:

Just look at this one, so utterly terrible it becomes a near work of art :smiley:


Ah! I didn’t even think to look at that! Thanks. I do wonder if anyone has a set of computer magazines from East Germany, though?


Yes, actually! Here’s 1991/2 Steve Jobs showing you how to put Donald Duck in a Ferrari:


You mean no. 33? Actually, I thought it could be a photo shoot for a 4AD band from the 1980s!


Thanks, was a bit before my time. (got into computing in the late 90s)