Unusual computer ad from Japan


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Mmmmm, I approve of Japanese ‘mice’.


Call me a sick s.o.b., but I was kind of hoping the cat would hook one of those girls out of the hole, then run off screen, tiny struggling Japanese girl firmly clamped in its jaws.


Well I at least one to try one of the laptops now.


I love the poopmoji logo! it clearly says that our laptops aren’t shit, they are The Shit!
(cleans glasses) oh, wait a second…


Whatever it is they’re selling, I’m buying.



The group is “Nogizaka 46” (乃木坂46) if anyone is interested.

EDIT: more videos here


Ah, there is my daily dose of “Oh, Japan…”.


Yeah, I always think japanese pop groups are adorable, and i sometimes secretly like the music…

until i remember they no longer own their own lives for x number of years, and the crazy contracts surrounding these groups.

then i usually ponder what type of family signs away their daughter to such pr machines, then i half shrug it off a cultural thing i probably just don’t understand and our “boy bands” are really probably just as bad in their own way.

:musical_note: i, i, i’ve got, i’ve got mixed feelings, i’ve got mixed feelings… :musical_note:


I think I’ll show this to our office cat. See what he thinks.




I was thinking more of the cat getting its paw caught in a mouse trap.


There’s actually a 9 minute behind-the-scenes video of this commercial.


I need more Japanese ‘mice’ in my life. :wink:


Unusual in what way?

(Psst, @Akimbo_NOT, they’re really humans in costumes.)


well, now i just need 4 friends willing to join me, and my contest-winning halloween costume idea for this year is sorted.



It’s Japanese, so it must be unusual!


I don’t see what’s so unusual. If you’ve been to Japan at all you know that most rural homes are infested by tiny schoolgirls. They’re cute until they chew up your wiring.


Don’t forget the cat.


That’s conservative for Japan. Do I have to post Kyary Pamyu Pamyu again?

I am afraid