Unusual computer ad from Japan


No, but I bet you want to. That’s it, young lad, give in to your feelings!


Please don’t encourage the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. She makes Katy Perry look like Iggy Pop in comparison.


I remember there was a kid in my Intro to Computing class who always used to sit at the back and watch that anime on his laptop…


Because Japan.


Reminds me of this work of art:


It’s unusual because my usual is vintage Yugoslavian computer magazines.


What am I being sold?

Oh yeah. Pederasty.


The wife never understands why I want her to whisper “dbase III plus” to me…


POKE 53281, 2


Unless I completely misunderstood the commercial, I think what you meant was paedocracy, or maybe just pedophilia.


Pedophilia is when you like children. Pederasty is when you do something about it. So I guess the meaning of the commercial resides in the mind of the viewer.


A pederast is a lover of boys.


Wait, so it’s not a part of a spa treatment?


There is no cure like a pedicure.


Most TV ads here are just as bad as anywhere else. What is often worse is most of the time the visuals have nothing to do with the product being advertised. On the rare occasions when we have the TV on, my wife and I like to play “guess what class of product this ad is for”

Her star has been in decline for a while now.


@DloBurns you might want to check your time machine settings, I believe you booked your spa during ancient rome.


So friggin good, but Jemaine copied my style. And I still have hurt feelings.

On topic, I could dance to that ad for hours.


Noone ever understands when I gently whisper in their ear, just before sexy time, “all your base. Make your time. hahaha.”

If anyone ever pulls that on me, it is an instant marriage proposal.


I think I finally understand why cats like to eat mice!


Ugh, I’m outta here. So many pedophiles.