Baidu to launch self-driving car technology project 'Apollo' in July


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If they could make flying cars, most of the drawbacks of Self-driving Vehicles go away (aside from maybe landing on the occasional pedestrian; and the underside of the vehicle could probably be made easy to clean); so where are my flying cars? It is 2017 for flip sake!


They just quit their autonomous vehicle partnership with BMW 5 months ago. That’s pretty quick to come up with their own technology.


Given recent lawsuits in the field, reported widely including here, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume they have their own tech…


This is actually supposed to come on sale this year:
I’ll believe it when I see it, but if it does, I’m sure it’ll be hugely expensive and impractical, like all the other flying cars.
The problem with autonomous flying cars (and they would have to be only autonomous for it to work), leaving aside the air traffic control nightmare, is that you’d have to have some system of mandating regular maintenance, otherwise they’d be falling out of the skies more frequently than you’d like…


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“hugely expensive” turned out to be $1.3+ million per car. Which I confess is even more than I expected. That’ll certainly help reduce the number of cars falling out of the skies.


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