Google's Larry Page is trying to make flying cars

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Hey, with self-driving flying cars Googlers will finally realize the dream of chauffeured transportation that never risks coming within a mile of a black blah person!

Blade Runner spinner ascent


Flying cars will NEVER happen, it’s on of those tings that tech will bypass due to other technology

In this case the merging of Drone and Car automation will result in Drones that will become more realistic. This is essentially a ‘flying car’ but the stereotyped image of an actual car that flys just won’t happen.

A prototype personal Drone/Taxi was shown off in Vegas recently, that’s where future lies.


Can somebody explain to me the exact difference between a flying car and a very small helicopter?

Is the point that the flying car can also drive on roads? Why would you want those two capabilities mashed together?


Your spot on, which is why I posted above. Basically we are trying to shoehorn a futuristic technology into an infrastructure that will evolve to not need it, i.e. like you said, if my Drone can take off and land on a dime, why do I need a road.

That’s rea;;y hard to imaging as we are so used to them, and maybe they won’t completely disappear but evolve into more ‘wide footpaths’ or similar.

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I was thinking more like The Jetsons?


I’m not sure the whole concept will ever take off (Haha. Kill me.) The energy requirements would be enormous, the malfunction results catastrophic and the traffic nightmarish (though that one could perhaps be solved through intelligent automated navigation.) I am also sure the engines would produce absolutely unbearable racket, with cities and municipalities banning them left and right.

Plus I remember someone remarking: "So you think a drunk 16-year-old trying to impress a girl with his parents’ convertible is a problem?


Small helicopters are rarely destroyed - or made non-airworthy without expensive repairs - by hitting a pothole or being bumped into in a parking lot.

Also helicopters take off from a helipad or airport tarmac, where all loose pebbles and other objects have been carefully swept away to prevent FOD (foreign object damage.) A vertical takeoff flying car is going to shoot high velocity FOD at all the car and building windows around it.

(I’ve never seen an apisode of the old Thunderbirds show, but I was very impressed by a short clip I once saw: A big green transport aircraft takes off vertically from a lawn. The lawn and the dirt below EXPLODE in all directions. “Yup, that’s what would happen.”)


But just imagine having the road crash safety capability of a plane combined with the aerodynamic lifting body efficiency of a car!


…and the piloting skills of the average driver. Flying cars are a ridiculous idea. Always have been, always will be.

Still, I can imagine Larry Page might manage this before Paul Moller gets his Skycar off the ground.


Sebastian Thrun is totally a supervillain’s name. He might say he’s ‘making flying cars’, but there’s a doomsday device stashed somewhere, you mark my words.


It’s a rich person’s hobby that will require a pilot’s licence and designated landing areas and when they fail they fail reeeally badly. When this subject often comes up there’s rarely the question of just what would be the point of them, to commute faster to work? This is a generational thing, isn’t it? A certain generation who grew up on this sci-fi promise.


It’s the 21st Century, already! Where’s my flying car??? (I’m from 1959)

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Well, traffic is a big equalizer. What’s the fun of a limo or supercar when you’re stuck in traffic? Like overpowered (and usually less reliable) supercars, they’ll take to flying cars no matter the extra risk. Just to avoid the misery of the little people.

At that point you can count on your tax dollars spent on road repair to be shifted elsewhere.


Well hey, i say that not as a criticism, i envy the techno optimism from that generation and lament the cynicism from later generations. Let’s find some middle ground: hyperloop? :grin:

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Yes, I did, but I still don’t want the damned things, certainly not the first second ninth tenth generation models, at least. I especially don’t want human drivers controlling them. For all the reasons I want self-driving cars to become common (i.e., the low skill of the average driver on the road) I don’t want flying cars for the exact same reasons. Maybe if they were self-controlling, but I’ll remain dubious for quite some time on this concept.

Atsa no good.

Flying cars let the wealthy avoid traffic jams that bog down their limos and supercars and force them to endure the misery of the little people.

The hyperloop doesn’t even isolate them from the little people the way a limo or supercar does. It’s like getting on a bus! Ew!!!


It all boils down to how you word the press release.
I like how Aeromobil says that soon their flying cars will be hitting markets… and office buildings, and banks, and houses, and trees…


I will say it again… as much as the concept is totally cool… too many of us can’t deal effectively with 2d driving so I shudder to think of adding up/down to the whole process. Unless we can have 200% no issues robot pilots this will not happen.