Bake brown soda bread in a cast iron skillet


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Yep! Excellent recipe. Also goes well with lemon curd or rowanberry jam.

Or Vegemite.


You mean Marmite.


That is a beautiful skillet!




I really need to try this! Soda bread rocks; I eat it with just a healthy smear of butter.

I wonder if I have any wheat germ around the house . . .

Last week I made corn bread in a cheap-ass cast iron skillet I got at a “tool faire.” The side of the pan developed a 1/2" crack in it, making it ideal for baking use. It has begun to get a decent glossy patina.


Cast iron skillet baking? I am in!
Must try this before March 17 St. Paddy’s day.


Sounds like you should be planning some for the day after also.


Remember a pot holder as you remove skillet from oven, or you will learn regret.

(mod: NSFL)


I don’t have photos, but I removed the top of a turkey pan the wrong way once. The steam scar took six years to heal.


Stay away from the green beer and whiskey shots.


I’m a retired chef, and the nasty steam / heat burns I’ve witnessed are many, OUCH!


Cranberries? I think you mean raisins.



I saw “whiskey shits”


It didn’t look like that, but boy did I find that one out the hard way…


Hand soldering is like that, too.


Cast iron is for righty.