BALLS candies: vintage sexist advertising


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I only put Schweddy Balls into my mouth!

Schweddy Balls!


“a heavy dose of spunk”


Summer’s Eve, for those ‘heavy spunk’ days.


$3.50 for the candy and $7.95 for a t-shirt seem quite expensive for the 1970’s…

So what you’re saying is $11.45 ( plus $1 for S&H) is too much to ask for balls on your chest and in your mouth?


Can’t put too high a price on courage my friend! It’s more than just a shirt, there’s science*!

* The FDA requires that we say that there is actually no science. Just exclamation points.

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Lame and awful as the marketing is, I can’t help but wonder (oh god, here goes…) how those Balls taste?

She can have all the balls she wants. Just don’t let her eat a Yorkie bar.

Are we sure this isn’t from the back of a MAD magazine? Because, wow.

Ok, those were not the good old days,
But at least she hasn’t been air-brushed into the uncanny valley, and tarted up like an underwear model.


The ad makes me want to rip off my bra and burn it and then run out and vote on something. Alas, I’m at work in a respectable office, there are no incendiary devices around, and well… it’s February and we aren’t having any elections right now. sighs

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…and as Sheryl Sandburg says, ‘lean in.’

I’m still tickled by the “SRSLY?” look on her face.

I’d guess that this is from Playboy or Penthouse.

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