Baltimore police officers carry toy guns to plant on people they shoot


Replica BB guns don’t have the orange “toy gun” tips.

That’s because they’re not toy guns. They’re real guns of limited power.

Replica BB guns are often made to duplicate, as near as possible, the feel, weight, and look of the guns they mimic, because they’re used by shooters to practice handling the real thing, without the expense or danger of real-caliber ammo.

This also makes a BB-gun replica of a cop’s service weapon perfectly defensible. Why, he uses it for practice, of course.

It’s much safer for the cop than carrying around an unregistered, untraceable taped-up Saturday Night Special.


I was thinking the same. It’s as if a memo went around to PDs nationwide, and the worst ones adopted the practice. Makes me wonder about a few other cases when police murdered a minor child who allegedly wielded a toy gun.


Show us on this teddy bear where the bad man tazed you.


If public safety really mattered police wouldn’t be able to shoot people with impunity and US wouldn’t have some sensible gun laws in place. This doesn’t happen in a civilized country.


You forgot “Can you shoot a gun?”




The answer is “no.” But because of who controls the judiciary, the best answer we’re likely to get is “that’s an interesting question”. Interesting speculation about a Thomas Sotomayor marriage of convenience, though.


You know, when I hear someone saying that, I think “Spoil the whole bunch. The saying is ‘A few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.’ Thanks for arguing that these rotten folk have ruined all the cops.” I’m just waiting for someone to point that out.


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