Banjo Guy Ollie covers the Shadow of the Beast exploration theme


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That was indeed a really good cover.

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Good gods, I am near the intersection of Venn diagram circles overlapping to make this guy’s target audience. Thanks @beschizza !

Let’s see:

  • I bought the game, when I was pretty much cracking and pirating everything else back then. (Still have the boxed set with the T-shirt :slight_smile: )
  • I played that game much. Downloaded the standalone SotB conversion a few years back and played it through to the end (finally!)
  • At the time was deeply enmeshed in analog and digital sound synthesis, and found the various patches on the Korg M1 with which the soundtrack was composed. (I think I may even have extracted some of the samples from the game to music with on my own).
  • Have been involved in unamplified folk music and folk music scenes of various forms at more or less depth for decades, and just love music in general.
  • Strong geek identity.

Am I being nerd-sniped here? 'Cause shot through the heart!



That game is dope, with a great soundtrack most worthy of awesome covers. Good stuff!

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