Banksy booby-trapped a painting so it self-destructed after Sotheby's sold it for £953,829


You don’t want to know how I misread Artisanal Beans at the coffee shop the other day…




I regret that I have only one like to give. Also, if he had scribbled that, would it make him Last of the Jagoff?


Are you going to have an original Banksey for $100? Unlikely.

Are there plenty of other artists who are living who are producing great art who will gladly sell you a canvas for $100? Yes. Yes there are.

No, you may not be able to afford an original “name” artist’s work… (I can’t) But almost anyone, at almost any budget, can afford artwork.


I agree, art isn’t unattainable. This example of art is though.

I do think the “fuck artists” in that list is not warranted, artists are often either:

  • earning just enough to make ends meet or
  • got really lucky and got into a position where they earn more than average.

Neither case can really be blamed on the artist imo.

On affordable art, the most affordable kind is made by yourself, I don’t own much things I would classify as art but what I do have is made by me, my partner or my father (not counting the finger paintings made by my 2yo niece).


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