Banned on China's Internet: all discussion of the Panama Papers


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Forced admiration for benevolent, job-creating capitalists, just like here in the USA.


Good luck Chinese people, know your government (and hopefully don’t get disappeared in the process)!


Everyone knows any organization/government that does not want you to talk about it is obviously working in your best interest. Wouldn’t want anyone messing up the official self serving narrative and people having independent thought or realize they may have other choices then blind adherence to the norm…


Clicked over to The Guardian’s site to read about this, and noticed that no Americans have been implicated, yet. I’m guessing we’re early in the process so much of the info dump has yet to be read and organized, but dayum news organizations! Get the lead out! I wanna know how many foreign accounts Sarah Palin has set up, and how many strip clubs in Panama City does Newt Gingrich own, anyway?

Also, a mild tangent but an important one:


Hahaha, “technocratically competent and honest”.
China has a long history of being just the opposite, dating back to at least the ming dynasty.

Engineers I know all say that china steals the tech they use. Full stop.
Why? because crushing the will to rebel requires the death of imagination;
anyone able to develop this all important trait leaves for greener pastures as soon as possible.


I expect David Cameron would like to have all discussion of it banned also but he’s just not as good as China is at dictatorin’.

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