Largest leak in history reveals world leaders and businesspeople hiding trillions in offshore havens


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Panama Papers: King of Saudi Arabia secretly donated $80M to Netanyahu's Israeli election campaign


2.6TB. This is not a leak but a torrent.


Now we know where the money taxpayers paid out to support the banks actually ended up.


Why is it so much bigger than the others? Is there really that much more information, or does this one consist of reams of documents scanned at 1200 dpi into uncompressed BMP files or something?

Maybe we could more accurately compare leak size by calculating the Shannon entropy.


SZ wrote about a long project phase of preparing the data, including OCRing documents, so scans are a good explanation for the size.


Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Quality data over quantity.


And nobody goes to jail…


And the BBC is on it!

Still nothing on Unaoil, though :rolling_eyes:


It’s 11 million individual files, so it’s a LOT of info no matter how you slice it.


The only good thing here is that all this wealth is more theoretical than physical. Those people only have all that unimaginable wealth as long as everyone believes that they do. Very little of it is even in paper money, which is only worth what we all agree it is worth. It is just a string of ones and zeros on a hard drive somewhere. If enough of us were to decide that we no longer believe in it, it would vanish, like fairies.


Why can’t Anonymous hack into the system and wipe out that money? Would be interesting…


There are backups and backups of backups (usually). Bank systems, while awfully complex, tend to be somewhat resilient.


Sadly, I’m just not surprised, if anything I’d expect more names on the list.


And you own the house you live in only because of some ink on paper somewhere. Probably not even that for the pants you’re wearing. This is the stuff civilization is made of:


I imagined more money. It did not work.


I wonder if any American presidential candidates are on it. I’m guessing no, since it would be everywhere. I kind of hope it’s just a failure to ctrl+F for them and details are forthcoming. Unlikely, I know. I just wish.


I think it would be AMAZING if Russian hackers would try to hack into some Western banks, steal all this decadent wealth and, after paying a generous commission to Vlad, enrich themselves.


Did you rub the anointing oil into your loins? Did you return the miracle prayer cloth with your seed? Did you PRAISE JEBUS?


Remember, this is not all the wealth stolen away to offshore accounts. This is just a small fraction of what’s actually there.