Bar trick - remove the matchstick balanced on a nickel under a glass without touching anything


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Solution: set fire to the table.


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I’m just impressed that someone at a bar could even balance a matchstick on an upright nickel. Hell, I’m not sure I could do that sober.


I was watching with broken phone speakers, getting increasingly annoyed at the progress of the video, while saying the he whole time what turned out to be the solution.


That’s some 1998-Limb-Bizkit-concert-ass hair.

Solution: You can’t tell from the video but the matchstick is really made of metal and he has an electro magnet in the pocket of his JNCOS.


That won’t work in the 90 percent humidity of Florida.


I opened a can of Surge as soon as I saw his hairdo.


Yay for me! I guessed it!


But in Florida, you just punch out the bank manager sitting across from you and take the treasure even as the alarm is going off.


solution: grab the full beer and pound it. when they protest say, well you should have put the alarm on the prize moron, you can’t get anything for a nickle.


That guy is so getting laid tonight.

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