If you are stuck with little kids in the house, show them this magic trick

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Oh, that sent me down the memory lane! I wondered why I would know the two guys, and then I started to hear the music…

Sure, do it with a nickel, but make sure the echidna is up on both coins because that would be embarrassing …


OK, the one I used to do is apparently called the haunted matchbox. Matchbox, fishing line, safety pin.

In Canada, echidnas are called beavers.

omg that introduction and wink to the camera kinda cracked me up and i was waiting for one of them to say “nudge nudge wink wink say no moooooore!”

Damn! If was a smoker, I would have known that trick. Damn you, clean lungs!

Embarrassing Puppet Interview Question No. 1: “Captain. Being indestructible from having acquired the Mysterons’ power of self-healing, wouldn’t you now consider the ability to perform a cheap magic trick something of a let-down?”

(Cut to Captain Scarlet sitting backwards in his speeding SPV, trying to run over the interviewer.)

What if your kid is more interested in the matches? Asking for a friend.

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