Just look at this banana slicing magic trick: slice it into sections before you peel it


I did this as a kid after seeing it on Mr. Wizard. But being a kid, I left the needle out and our banana-loving Golden Retriever ate the needle, which then thankfully came out the other end after a vet visit. Banana stitcher beware.


an oldie but goodie

Penn and Teller feature it in “How To Play with Your Food,” but they were clear this is an old trick.

Ha! Tthis was one of the few tricks I mastered as a 10 year old and taught my son how to do it a couple of weeks ago. Pro tip - a banana with a few spots helps hide the needle marks.

Just look at it!

O/T: If I just admit that I’m freaked out by her robot hand, will that video stop autoplaying? I admit it! I’m freaked out by her robot hand!

Came here to mention Mr. Wizard.
Glad I’m not the only one / didn’t hallucinate the whole thing.

Yup, the first thing I thought was “Is this the Mr Wizard trick?” - but I vaguely recall the Mr Wizard trick requiring thread for the needle as well. Am I wrong?

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