Baratunde joins The Daily Show

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Finally, some good news for John McCain.

Oh my, the online ass kicking some folks are going to get from this guy…

Why am I smiling?

“progressive-minded.” But riff on Israel or Jews and we’ll rip your throat out.

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Recently, the world learned that Trevor Noah previously enjoyed making totally hilarious jokes about Jewish people dying. I lost enthusiasm for him as host after that.

note to the people I just offended: using this ironically, some of the kiddies think it’s hella cool to lump Jewish people in with the rest of white people. Which, I’m sure that there are loads of Jewish people who would love to be accepted as such…alas, we live in a society where there are large groups of white people who still deny the Holocaust, so there’s that.

The sooner mainstream tv (and yes, I include niche cable channels in this) wakes up to the fact that the new talent - especially in satire - is on Twitter and Tumblr (and even YouTube), the better for them.
Whether they can deal with this is another thing, but this looks like a start, at least.

“supervising producer for digital expansion”

I guess compression experts are already well represented

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